"When I was young, grown men wanted to hunt with me, because they said I had the fever and would do what it took to "kill a duck". After taking this fever to the next step and becoming a manufacturer of decoys, I've had the opportunity to hunt ducks everywhere. I've hunted them from coast to coast, Mexico, Canada and beyond, and seen the supposed "best" of the best, guides, setups and places to hunt waterfowl on planet earth. If the old timers were right, and I possesed the fever or if experience has been my teacher, either way, I can tell you that there is "one" guide and  "one" place that stands out. The "one" place, where I truely felt the most intense, heart pounding, slobbering at the mouth, hyperventilated calling, "do what it takes to kill a duck" waterfowling, like we used to do it, was experienced with Matt Barnett, down on the North Forked Deer River. The charged feeling that I had, and the scenenic swamp environment that we hunted in, made me remember the way duck hunting was supposed to be."

Brett Fulcher
Cherokee Sports,Llc.

Matt Barnett is the "real deal." He is one of the top young waterfowl guides working today. His old school background with lifelike calling and true waterfowl savvy assures you of a waterfowling experience to long be remembered.

Mike McLemore
3 time World Champion Duckcaller
Champion of Champions Duckcaller

Theres two things important to me when it comes to duck hunting, the volume of ducks and the quality of food. If you follow Matt Barnett you will have plenty of both.


"If you are looking for a place that truly gives everything a waterfowl hunting experience has to offer, then Mallards Unlimited is the guide service for you. The fellowship is unlike any other. The food is second to none. The action is the best part. The main type of waterfowl they kill is mallards, and unlike some who boast it, they really do put them in your face. They literally do all the work for you, all they ask is that you enjoy yourself, and with the service, it is hard not to. If you are looking for a truly memorable and unique waterfowling experience give Matt and crew a call. I promise you will not be disappointed."

-Brian Adams